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CFG – Chip Formation Groove Carbide Drill Point

The CFG drill point was developed after years of research into the pros and cons of various leading carbide drill designs. Wolf Tool Technologies believes we have developed a drill point that incorporates all the pros and removes the cons in the design. The result is a point that has a chip formation groove in between the cutting edge with the web thinning, and the flute. This allows more space for the chip to form at the center of the drill, and creates a smother transition into the flute. The results are lower cutting temperatures and longer carbide drill life.


End View CFG Carbide Drill Point

Top View CFG Carbide Drill Point

Increase Carbide Drilling Performance

The beauty of this technology is that it can be applied to any brand or design of a carbide drill during the sharpening process. The results are tool life increases of 20-100% in some applications, and increased penetration rates. Reduce your costs by trying the CFG Drill Point now! As an incentive, we will sharpen some for you for free. Just send us the coupon below.

CFG Drill Point Test Coupon




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