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Carbide Tool Sharpening (Regrinding / Reconditioning)

Wolf Tool Technologies is capable of sharpening virtually any round carbide cutting tool. We don’t specialize in just carbide drills, and carbide end mills, but we can sharpen carbide reamers, grooving tools, form tools, profile ground tools, and multi function tools. Just send us your drawings with your tools, and you will receive them back in “like new” condition. You will get your carbide tools back in a new packaging tube that is labeled with your tool numbers and lot traceability information.


Multi-Diameter Carbide Step Reamers

Multi-Diameter Carbide Step Tools

Custom Carbide Tool Quotations

Special carbide tools are priced upon request. Reamers are usually priced according to our Carbide End Mill Reconditioning Order Form. Other more complicated tools must be quoted individually. Just send us your drawings and we will send you a quote.

Please fax your drawings to: 803-396-8399




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