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Standard High Performance Carbide Drill Bits

Wolf Tool Technologies is in the progress of bringing our years of experience to the high performance standard carbide drilling market place. This portion of our website is currently under construction as we are working to provide a complete online catalog offering soon. We have a complete line of carbide drills for virtually any application. In the meantime, we encourage you to call us at 803-396-8800 to get pricing and delivery information.

Please make sure you sharpen your used carbide drills! You can't afford to not get multiple uses of these tools.

Carbide Drill with Coolant Holes

Solid Carbide Drill

Carbide Drill Selector Sheet

Click on the link below and we will assist you in finding the best carbide drill for your application. Please be prepared to provide the Diameter size, the L/D Ratio (length to diameter ratio), and whether you need Coolant Holes or not. We will filter the catalog to just a few items which will make your selection easier.

Carbide Drill Selector Sheet


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