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Carbide Drill Sharpening (Regrinding / Reconditioning)

Reduce costs by sharpening your used carbide drill bits and step drill bits.  At Wolf Tool Technologies, we understand that you want your reconditioned tools to perform “like new,” and that is the level of quality we provide.  We can sharpen all major brands of carbide drills and step drills.  Drill points are sharpened to OEM geometries, and edge preparations are applied.  Then the drills are PVD coated and polished if needed.  Uncoated carbide drills should perform 100% of OEM performance.  Coated carbide drills should perform 90-130% of OEM performance.*   You will get your drills back with a new packaging tube that is labeled with your tool numbers and all the lot traceability information.  For increased performance, try our CFG drill point!

* After 3 re-coatings tool life does degrade depending on application


Carbide Drill Bit Sharpening Cell

Sharpened Carbide Drill

Carbide Drill Sharpening Prices

At Wolf Tool Technologies, we want to make this process easy for you, so we’ve made this simple for you. The link below is our Carbide Drill Reconditioning Order Form. Prices are determined by maximumum diameter size and PVD coating type. If you need corner chamfers or radii, they are also available. We don’t have exta charges for heavily damaged drills. Our manufacturing technologies allow us to do those with minimal additional effort. Discounts are available for volume customers and distributors.

Carbide Drill Reconditioning Order Form




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